Pavel Apisov

Track name: Earth Says Hi

Sent on 15/05/2018

“These are the main points of the idea:
• Only voices can be heard.

• One phrase.

• Male and female timbres as a signal that we are gender specific creatures.

• Different languages to depict multinational society. And as a short lesson in translation.

The phrase I used is “Earth says hi”, a logical thing you would say if greeting extra-terrestrial life.

  There were a couple of constraints when choosing languages.  

First, each word had to sound distinctive, and that's why they needed to be from different language families.   

Second, I’ve decided to record almost all the voices with the help of Google Translate, except English and Russian. Therefore I was restricted to use only those languages that have the Text to Speech feature.   

As a result, you can hear greetings in 8 languages saying “Earth Says Hi”:

• Indonesian

• Italian

• Japanese

• Korean

• Vietnamese

• Russian

• Arabic

• English

  The song is divided equally into 3 parts for each word. Every word starts at the same time within its segment.   

I.e. the Indonesian language begins every 0.5 seconds in a segment. So it's possible to “recreate“ the phrase if one listens carefully to a particular time in a segment.   

The music itself consists of resynthesized and transformed words from other languages that wouldn't fit as a separate phrase.“