Kerri Chandler

Track name: Track 1 - Atmosphere

Sent on 17/10/2017

“I picked Track 1 – Atmosphere because it started a series of EPs and albums I created that have been a big part of my career, about Earth and it's layers. The songs were set up and released as a series in this order - Atmosphere, Hemisphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere, then Trionisphere (Which Is a name I made up because of three elements - Bass, Rhythm and Energy). I also started a label with Dennis Ferrer called Sfere (pronounced sphere) and our logo was made Depicting a solar flare. I have always been fascinated with Science, mainly physics, engineering and space. Also, this was a project I was speaking about doing some time ago with Douglas Vakoch from METI - sending music into space. So it just feels as if it just all just fell into place. Thank you again for the support and help with making one of my dreams a reality. With Love, Respect and Admiration.”