Track name: Is this thing on?

Sent on 16/05/2018

“We live on a noisy planet where billions of people have much to express. We indiscriminately spew out frequencies among ourselves. Most wavelengths pass below, or soar above music's tiny bandwidth. What a rare opportunity to transmit something lucid into the universe in just a short burst. I can't imagine it reaching its destination until long after we are gone... It is perhaps wishful thinking that some form of intelligence will be scanning the skies. I therefore embrace our own perfect timing to have reached this point in history.

My piece has rough layers. There are 6 chords moving towards resolution with our understanding of mathematics contained in each chord. The words relate to our own insecurities being heard, and carry the hope that we will be understood. We optimistically look to the stars and yell out a message from our distinct and fragile humanity. I have generated a voice instead of using my own, as it is more likely to withstand the buffeting from cosmic winds...

I'm honoured to be included as another voice in our Earthly choir.“